Snyder Takes Top Scholarship at Annual Conference

Snyder Takes Top Scholarship at Annual Conference

Snyder ISD High School students Jesi Hunter, Meere Bhakta, Ruth Cabrera and Bonnie Jasper took the top scholarship during the Leadership TMCN Awards Luncheon at the 26th Annual Texas Midwest Conference held on October 30, 2019 at the McNease Convention Center in San Angelo. The students, along with their mentor Ryan Maney, District STEAM Coordinator, created the STREAM Project to address the outcome of research which revealed the gender inequity of females in STEM. The research further revealed that the inequity was accentuated by the lack of access and education in the household. Not to be discouraged by not receiving a sizable grant, the team developed a community- wide campaign to raise funds and solicit donated equipment – one such donation was an old school bus. The result was a fully equipped mobile STEM lab which travels to various community events to share the students’ passion for science, technology, engineering and math. The project judges were impressed by the team’s “fantastic vision, ambition and drive to make the project happen” and noted the “endless educational opportunities of the project”.

The second place scholarship went to Baird ISD students Aaron Halliburton, Max Dayton and Oren West for their Long Live the Lake Project. This project began as a park improvement project but grew into an impactful quality of life program for local veterans. Through the team’s partnership with Hunters for Heroes, the project encompassed a total renovation of the campgrounds, removal of dead vegetation, trees and an abandoned building, and installation of volleyball and basketball courts. The team raised $13,500 and brought together 28 community volunteers in addition to the veteran group to complete their project. The judges were inspired by the collaboration with the veterans’ group and noted “that’s what leadership is all about – seeking out those who can add value to the mission”.

The third place scholarship went to Anson ISD students Peyton Goza, Carmen Flores, Jillian Thompson and Megan Stinnett for their Public Safety – 911 Address Project. This project began out of a desire to assist local first responders, postal service carriers and concerned citizens of Anson. Using various social media outlets and the assistance of area news outlets including FOX, KTAB and KTXS, the team collected and raised nearly $4,000. These funds allowed them to gather community volunteers who painted curbs and installed mailbox stickers on 206 homes and businesses in Anson. The judges were impressed with the team’s ability to identify a community concern and get it done!

Additional projects included:

  • Breckenridge – Axel Puebla, Liberty Blades and McKenly Roberts – Historic YMCA Project
  • Early – Vance-Cody Gordon and Madison Green – Sound the Alarm Project
  • Gorman – Isaiah Landa – Park Renovation Project
  • Haskell – Kelsea Tidros and Braelyn Bevel – Park Beautification & Ramp Project
  • Munday – Bryanne Cude and Shawn Earthman – Event Center Kitchen Remodel Project