Strawn is the 2017 recipient of the prestigious All-Star Community Award.  This Award recognizes a community in our region that went beyond the level of basic achievement into areas of specific accomplishments that serve as models for other TMCN communities to emulate. In 2012, the community learned that Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) had purchased over 3,500 acres west of Strawn to develop Palo Pinto Mountains State Park (PPM State Park). The park was to be situated on land that surrounded Strawn’s town lake and water supply, Lake Tucker. TPWD’s acquisition along with a strong desire to see change both economically and within the community, a motivated group of businesses, citizens, Strawn alumni and fans of Strawn, established the Strawn Chamber of Commerce. Since that time, the Chamber has acted as the conduit to voice local & regional support for the development of Palo Pinto Mountains State Park. In both 2015 and again in 2017, the Strawn Chamber and its members spearheaded efforts to advocate for the development of Palo Pinto Mountains State Park by making several trips to Austin and meeting with TPWD officials, State Representatives and Senators. In 2017, they included Letters & Resolutions, over 20 articles and radio interviews that have been published in all the major newspapers throughout the state, drawing attention to State Parks and encouraging the Legislature to fund the Palo Pinto Mountains State Park. These bound copies were delivered to over 100 elected representatives. One of the recommendations of the community assessments was to create signage to direct visitors to the Park. While such signage cannot move forward without State approval, community leaders continue to promote the Park through traditional and social media as well as direct communication with the various groups that will use the park. Another noteworthy nomination was the community of Early.

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