Grace Tidwell and Kathryn Cude along with business mentors Lorri Coop and Jimi Coplen developed a unique community venue combining education and exercise.  Both students recognized the importance of reading and creating opportunities for families to engaged in positive interaction.  Grace and Kathryn met with city and county officials to begin planning, solicited grants and sold paving bricks to fund their vision, and enlisted volunteers to aid in construction.  The Storybook Path winds through Munday’s City Park with a number of stops along the way.  Each stop includes a mounted book where participants can enjoy a family-friendly experience and then continue along the path.  While Grace and Kathryn are committed o continued involvement, the Park Committee has committed to changing out the books periodically.  For her efforts, Grace and Kathryn received a 2nd Place Scholarship of $1,500.

Munday        Grace-&-Kathryn

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