Emma Davis, Nikk Chandarlis, Jadyn Cisneros and Cade Cornett along with business mentors Lisa Echols and Leslie Blackerby saw the need to increase economic opportunities in their community through the redevelopment of the city’s rodeo arena.mThe students began by making presentations to local organizations and expounding on the benefits of increased event opportunities. They held a bake sale and sold scrap metal to help fund their project. By soliciting volunteers, the students lead the enormous task of mowing, trimming, fence repair, cleaning and renovating the concession stand, and painting throughout the grounds. The result has given the community a tremendous boost in recruiting well attended events and realizing the incredible impact a group of insightful and energetic students can offer its future. For their efforts, Emma, Nikk, Jadyn and Cade received a 3rd Place Scholarship of $1,250.

Crew-Working    Breckenridge

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