Allison Schaefer and Rusty Fischer along with business mentor Tammie Virden saw the need to recognize the community’s rich heritage while creating a much needed venue for community activities and functions. Carver School was built in 1904 and remained in operation for through the mid 1950s. Though filled with fond memories of days gone by, the facility no longer holds the prominence it deserves.  Allison and Rusty went about to change that and have become its voice for future.  They made presentations to local city officials, developed a budget and potential funding stream, began cleanup efforts and established a long range view of the possible uses of the facility including a concert venue and even incorporating the surrounding grounds as a walking trail. The cleanup efforts made by Allison and Rusty are deserving of mention here. The facility was full of broken floor tile, fallen ceiling tiles, dirt and even a few long deceased animal carcasses. Numerous truck loads of debris were hauled off by local volunteers and the City of Ballinger. This project is ongoing and has created a catalyst in ensuring the preservation of this historic site as well as the motivation and inspiration to keep it moving forward. Allison and Rusty – you’ve inspired a tremendous vision that has brought pride and recognition to your community!

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