Alvin Chinell along with business mentors Lori Higgins and Keri Goodwin was inspired to increase the quality of life for those most in need within his community. Created by the late Ruth Dye Fisher, the Mission of Miracles focuses on providing the necessities of life – food and clothing. However, the facility was deteriorating and needed significant structural improvements. Alvin went to work soliciting funds and services from various businesses and organization from both inside the community and in the neighboring city of Abilene. Improvements included replacement of electrical wiring, restroom repairs, painting, caulking, improved shelving and of course, restocking of critical supplies. Alvin lead a food drive at local schools and post office which tremendously increase the facility’s capacity of offer assistance.  One of the things Alvin is most proud of was the incorporation of the Mission’s message found in John 3:14.  Local artisan Megan Wright painted this verse on the facility’s entrance wall. Great job Alvin – you’ve made a difference in Baird.

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